Alpaca Platen

Product code: 503343


A Platen is similar to a template, designed to fit the shape of the blister you are using. It holds the blister while sealing to protect the pottles from squashing with the pressure exerted. Also ideal for holding the packs steady while dispensing or checking. Score marks along the length assist with lining up the Cold Seal perforations with the blister perforations.

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  • Can be cleaned with a warm soapy sponge. Must be dry completely before re-using
  • Do not submerge into water or place in a dishwasher
  • Avoid leaving the platen in direct sunlight and temperatures above 30°C
  • The Platen itself is made of recyclable Poly carbon ethelene
The cold seal is a pressure sensitive material. Douglas will not take responsibility for the integrity of a seal or a sealing failure unless we know a platen is being used correctly.