• Alpaca Blister Dispensing Machine

    This is what you have been waiting for – a safe, fast, accurate and reliable dispensing machine that is easy to run and feels like a hard-working member of your team. Alpaca makes your pharmacy business run more efficiently, and allows more time to focus on improving the health outcomes of your customers.

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    Alpaca Blister Dispensing Machine
  • EV-54 Nano Vial Dispensing Machine

    This is the future of dispensing, 54 robotic canisters that dispense into vials at previously unattainable rates. It does this with accuracy, speed, safety and reliability.

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    EV-54 Nano Vial Dispensing Machine
  • Proud Sachet Dispensing Machine

    The Proud Sachet Dispensing Machine offers pharmacy efficiency in time saving, labour costs and dispensing accuracy. With 99.999% accuracy and a globally recognised safety profile your pharmacy staff will have more time to spend delivering better health outcomes to customers, patients and care facilities.

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    Proud Sachet Dispensing Machine


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